Do you have what it takes to disrupt the world of education? Do you want to be immersed in a fun and creative environment Well, find out now – Whizz Kidz has a place for those of you who have a passion for young children education!

Part-time Whizz Kidz Instructor (Training Provided)


The Opportunity

Do you have what it takes to disrupt the world of education? Do you want to be immersed in a fun and creative environment? Well, find out now – Whizz Kidz has a place for those of you who have a passion for young children education! At Whizz Kidz, you’ll learn various basics skills like arts and crafts, robotics, or get a chance to teach the children what they are good at.

At Whizz Kidz, we created a super fun and exciting holiday camps for the children ages 5-12. From fun science, movie making, lego robotics, NXT mind storms, 3D printing, invention clubs,elec-bits, to yoga. If you’re knowledgeable or qualified in the activities mentioned above, you should join our team!

What Will You Do?

  • Organizing the classroom and learning resources and creating displays to encourage a positive learning environment.
  • Coordinating activities and resources for children ages 5-12.
  • Working with other fellow instructors to plan and coordinate the best holiday camps for the children.

  • Great communicator with children
  • Fun personality (lots of energy!)
  • Reliable and responsible
  • Flexible working hours
  • Knowledgeable or qualified in one of these fields: Science, Movie-making, Sports/Dance, Lego Robotics, 3D printing/Computers
  • Training will be provided

What You Will Learn

A chance to teach what they are good at apart from their own education.

At Whizz Kidz, you’ll learn how to engage students through creative methods of presenting and teaching the material. In addition, you’ll also nurture students to achieve their fullest potential under your supervision. This is a perfect opportunity for you to be the change you wish to see in the non-formal education system.

Last but not least, if you’re hobbyists, you’ll get a chance to apply their learning while earning.

Hone your communication and presentation skills as you mentor students from all walks of life. You’ll also get a chance to work closely with a team of dedicated teachers who share your vision in giving the best education to children. At Whizz Kidz, you’ll also constantly challenge yourself to develop a spirit of patience and compassion as you overcome trials and setbacks faced in the classroom.

Business Administrator Intern


The Opportunity

Do you enjoy working with little children? Do you have the ability to build a strong business network? If you have a passion for education excellence, Whizz Kidz wants to talk to you!

Whizz Kidz, a #1 choice in Singapore for cool fun activities, carefully designed to be interesting, fun and accessible for children ages 5 to 12, is looking for a part-time Business Development and Operations intern.

Here, you’ll get a hands-on approach to various sectors of the industry. In addition, you’ll also learn about business development to operations, HR, and teach primary school children a great and fun education. Yes, you’ll do a lot but you’ll also learn a lot!


Business Development Administration:

  • Manage lesson plans and checklists for the classes happening
  • Work with the packers to ensure the class materials are duly packed in
  • Manage Lego station to make sure the Lego boxes have all the materials that are needed for the day
  • Be able to take classes and enjoy working with children (not essential)
  • Undertake additional duties and projects as assigned.

HR / Operations:

  • Work with staff and send them reminders for their classes daily to ensure they are on time
  • Maintain staff database and documents
  • Work with HR to produce documents and payslips on the last two days of the month
  • Undertake additional duties and projects as assigned
  • Bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Enjoy working with children (not essential)
  • Outgoing and well-spoken
  • Able to work well in team
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skill

  • Administrative Assistance
  • Administration
  • Business Development
  • Operations Management
  • Social Skills
  • Teaching
  • Teacher Training


What You Will Learn

Get a hands-on approach to various sectors of the industry.

Here, you’ll gain exclusive insights surrounding the educational sector. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn first-hand how the educational sector operates. Not only that, you’ll also learn of the educational changes made as soon as they are released.

From Business development to operations, to HR, to teaching primary school children a great fun education!

You’ll learn a lot. Here, at Whizz Kidz, you’ll be surrounded by a team of passionate people. You’ll also be equipped with people management skills as you learn to work in a fast paced environment, where each job matters.

Learn about business support and implementation

Here, you’ll get the opportunity to think and create solutions to everyday administrative problems associated with existing clients. You will be working to make sure that all workshops and classes have all the materials, lesson plans, and happen on time. This allows you to be able to work through and through.

Delivery Driver (Part-time or Full Time)

  • Company Vehicle Van (manual) provided

  • Licence: Class 3

  • Mon-Fri

  • 5-7 hours (usually 10am-4pm)

  • Pick and drop boxes from 5-8 international schools

  • $10-12/hr depending on experience

  • CPF