After School Activities


Select your school to see what Activities we have on offer. If your school is not mentioned it is probably because most schools will have a sign up for Whizzkidz on their own website, so have a chat with the activity co-ordinator at school to see what we are doing there.

Step 1: Have a look for your school, you will see the various activities, the price will be shown.  select your choice for this term.

Step 2: You will need to register directly with us, please dont forget to give us your child’s details in the Registration Tab

Step 3: Add to cart


Instead of the ol’ sit-and-stare-at-the-teacher-talking routine, we prefer to make it fun and memorable – we believe students easily learn by doing,  and often by trial and error.  Students remember experiences and pick up the educational concepts along the way.

Our team are energetic and passionate about their specialist subject, in turn we share the enthusiasm with our students.  So if your looking for a unique and positive approach to learning, check with your school to see what programs we have on offer, or contact us for more information.



Chatsworth Bukit Timah ECAs, Dulwich ECAs, Etonhouse Orchard, Invictus International School, Chatsworth Orchard ECAs, CIS Lakeside, Dover Court International School, Middleton Upper Bukit Timah, Middleton West Coast, Etonhouse Sentosa


Monday: Lego Robotics, Tuesday: Movie Making, Wednesday: Fun Science, Wednesday: Clay Modelling, Wednesday: Fun Science, Monday: Sewing and Embroidery, Wednesday: 3D Printing, Thursday: Fun Science, Thursday: LEGO Robotics, Thursday: Cooking, Monday: Junk Remodelling, Wednesday: Cooking, Thursday: Fun Science, Friday: Crafty Kidz, Cooking, Wednesday: Fun Scentz, Tuesday : Fun Science, Tuesday: Coding (Wedo 1.0), Tuesday: Coding (Scratch), Tuesday: Fun Scentz, Tuesday: Sculpting, Tuesdays: Acting and Movie Making, Thursday : Movie Making, Tuesday : Clay Modelling, Tuesday : Movie Making, Monday : Robotics, Monday : Fun Science, Tuesday Fun Science : Year 1/2, Tuesday Fun Science : Year 3/4, Tuesday Fun Science: Year 5/6, Friday Robotics Year 1/2, Friday Robotics Year 3/4, Friday Robotics Year 5/6, Tuesday Multi-sports N/K, Fridays Robotics N/K, Thursdays Multi-sports Primary, Fridays robotics Primary, Fun Science, Art Kidz, Chef Club, Tuesdays Rugby, Thursdays Beading and Jewellery, Thursdays Chess, Thursdays Minecraft, Tuesday Chess, Tuesday Yoga, Tuesdays Minecraft, Thursday Yoga, Thursday Chess


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